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Frequently Asked Questions How often should my chimney be swept? If you use your appliance everyday then it should be swept at least twice a year. Ask your sweep for their opinion and keep a note of when they visit so that you can get an idea of the frequency required. If you use the stove or fire place only…

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Welcome to Flue Solutions Flue Solutions is a modest family-run business operating out of North London, offering a friendly, high quality, and consistent chimney sweeping service, as well as smoke and ventilation tests, to residential and commercial properties, causing minimal disruption. We are fully insured and are extremely proud of the efficient, good value and professional service that we offer.…

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About Us

Flue Solutions With over 20 years experience in domestic and commercial chimney linings covering London & the South East. We offer a completely professional, friendly and reliable service for any size project for both domestic and industry chimneys. Our knowledgeable engineers are able to quickly and efficiently identify your chimney or fireplace requirement and are able to offer the most suitable…

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Chimney Sweeping & Maintenance

Chimney Sweeping & Maintenance Proper maintenance is essential to ensure efficient and safe operation of a chimney or flue. A blockage or damage within the chimney can lead to chimney fires, ash and soot blow-back and build-up of carbon monoxide – all preventable with routine care and maintenance of the chimney. We recommend that you have your chimney inspected and…

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Twin Wall Insulated Lining

Twin Wall Insulated Lining Prefabricated Twin Wall Flue Systems Prefabricated stainless steel systems can be the answer where there is no flueway to use or the flueway is inadequate for the needs of a fire. They are regularly used fixed to the outside of a building though they are suitable for use internally as well. They are quick to assemble though the cost…

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Chimney Liner Installation

Chimney Liner Installation We are experts in chimney liner installation, lining or relining flues with a variety of different methods. For an enclosed stove, boiler, Aga, Rayburn, open fire or other appliance to work efficiently and safely the flue must be sound and leak proof. The simplest way to ensure this is to reline the flue with one of several systems…

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Chimney Cowls, Caps & Pots

Chimney Cowls, Caps & Pots Professional Chimney Cowl and Chimney Caps & Pots Installation The top of the chimney stack is its most vulnerable area and we recommend that each live flue is protected by a cowl to keep rain out and stop birds from nesting. Where a flue is unused we recommend fitting a terracotta ventilator cap to keep…

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Wood burning stoves

Wood burning stoves Why Choose a stove? Open fire has a heat efficiency of 18% rest of heat goes up the chimney Stove has a heat efficiency of 80% Stove uses 4 times less fuel to achieve same heat output Stove will boost your house BRE certificate Even when stove is put out flue can be closed to ensure no…

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CCTV Camera Inspection / Surveys

CCTV Camera Inspection / Surveys CCTV Camera Inspection and Surveys for Domestic and Commercial Clients Chimneys can develop a variety of problems, requiring visual inspection of the inside of the chimney structure in order to make a diagnosis. To avoid breaking through into the chimney, Flue Solutions can carry out a full survey using state-of-the-art closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera equipment. A…

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Very fast, despite a large amount of soot blocking the dining room chimney. Looking forward to using that fireplace again now it’s all clear. No hesitation at all in recommending Flue Solutions to others.

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