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CCTV Camera Inspection / Surveys

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CCTV Camera Inspection / Surveys

CCTV Camera Inspection and Surveys for Domestic and Commercial Clients

Chimneys can develop a variety of problems, requiring visual inspection of the inside of the chimney structure in order to make a diagnosis.

To avoid breaking through into the chimney, Flue Solutions can carry out a full survey using state-of-the-art closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera equipment. A miniature CCTV camera with powerful LED lighting, mounted on a flexible cable, is fed through the chimney allowing for clear and accurate viewing of the inside of the chimney.

Why might you need a Chimney Camera Inspection?

  • Your chimney flue may not be functioning correctly and you need to know why In older buildings you wish to know the extent of the deterioration of your flue
  • You want to have a new chimney liner installed but are not sure if the size of the flue or the configuration will allow you to have the required size of liner
  • You have a blockage that needs to be investigated before a removal plan can be put in place. Chimneys can become blocked for a variety of reasons, including birds’ nests, dislodged masonry, soot deposits, or problems arising from other building works on the property, therefore correct planned removal of the blockage is essential.
  • If you have had a chimney fire, the damage may need to be assessed

Expert Chimney Camera Inspection Services

Flue Solutions has a huge amount of experience in chimney inspection and survey, operating the latest CCTV camera technology to ensure all potential problems can be identified. We carry out work for all sizes and types of property, from small domestic house flue inspections to large commercial property surveys, for private home and business owners, landlords, architects, builders and other contractors.