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Twin Wall Insulated Lining

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Twin Wall Insulated Lining

Prefabricated Twin Wall Flue Systems

Prefabricated stainless steel systems can be the answer where there is no flueway to use or the flueway is inadequate for the needs of a fire. They are regularly used fixed to the outside of a building though they are suitable for use internally as well. They are quick to assemble though the cost of the materials can be higher than with flexible stainless steel. We tend to use Rite-Vent systems, B Vent, K Vent and ICS.

Introduction to Twin Wall Flue System

So, no chimney in the room where you want your stove? Why not create one?

Twin wall flue is also known as DW (double wall) or HT (High Temperature) flue.

Twin wall flue is a metal tube (flue) insulated with approx. an inch of insulation (two layers of stainless steel with insulation between). The insulation is necessary to keep the gases hot. Were you to use non-insulated flue pipe for the whole of your chimney, then the gases would likely cool too much and start to slow rather than rise with this causing the smoke underneath to “dam”. This might cause the smoke below to exit out of the vents in your stove instead of the top of your chimney.

Cooling gases also form condensation which forms on the inner walls of the flue and runs down into the stove (mixed with soot it is a disgusting brown liquid).

Note the difference between a chimney and a flue: if the chimney is a polo mint then the flue is the hole.