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Chimney Sweeping & Maintenance

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Chimney Sweeping & Maintenance

Proper maintenance is essential to ensure efficient and safe operation of a chimney or flue. A blockage or damage within the chimney can lead to chimney fires, ash and soot blow-back and build-up of carbon monoxide – all preventable with routine care and maintenance of the chimney.

We recommend that you have your chimney inspected and swept regularly – at least once a year, and twice if the chimney is in frequent use. This will keep the chimney free from soot, birds’ nests and other debris as well as providing early warning of potential problems with the chimney lining or other parts of the stack.

Flue Solutions offer a full chimney and stove maintenance service. A qualified professional chimney maintenance engineer will visit your premises and perform a comprehensive chimney clean and inspection, including the pot and stack. Any issues will be brought to your attention and smaller maintenance tasks can be carried out on the spot.

We always operate with safety in mind and take pride in the high quality of work that we complete, ensuring that your property is left in the same tidy state in which it was found.