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Chimney Cowls, Caps & Pots

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Chimney Cowls, Caps & Pots

Professional Chimney Cowl and Chimney Caps & Pots Installation

The top of the chimney stack is its most vulnerable area and we recommend that each live flue is protected by a cowl to keep rain out and stop birds from nesting. Where a flue is unused we recommend fitting a terracotta ventilator cap to keep air circulating in the flue and reduce the likelihood of damp.

Bird nesting can be a real problem in the spring and it is surprising the amount of bird nesting material that can build up in an unused flue over the years. With heavy use the material can set hard and be very difficult to remove sometimes involving opening up the flue to access it. These problems are best avoided and so with all unused flues we encourage the fitting of a terracotta ventilator cap.

Where a flexible steel liner has been fitted the cowl is particularly important as any rain entering the flue will very quickly arrive in the fire place or stove. We recommend the mini Eurocowl as it is effective in keeping rain out of the flue, as well as birds, and it also has the advantage of having anti down draught qualities.

Flue Solutions provides a professional chimney cowl and ventilator cap installation service. We can assess the requirement and select and provide an appropriate chimney cap, and ensure that it is fitted and secured properly. We will also ensure that, for chimneys still in use, a proper updraft continues to flow and wind-induced downdrafts are minimised.

With thatched properties we do not recommend that any cowl is fitted on live flues as these can divert wayward sparks in the flue gases onto the thatch.

For more information and advice on chimney cap installation for your home or property, please get in touch.