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Chimney Liner Installation

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Chimney Liner Installation

We are experts in chimney liner installation, lining or relining flues with a variety of different methods.

For an enclosed stove, boiler, Aga, Rayburn, open fire or other appliance to work efficiently and safely the flue must be sound and leak proof. The simplest way to ensure this is to reline the flue with one of several systems on offer. Each system has different qualities and at Flue Solutions we can advise you on the choices available. Whilst this does not bring the overall condition of the chimney stack into good repair a suitably insulated flue system controls the products of combustion and condensation allowing them to disperse safely into the atmosphere.

Flexible Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Installation

Unless there are any major bends or obstructions in the chimney, a stainless steel flexible flue liner can be installed without the need to open up the chimney breast. The twin-walled steel liner (for solid fuel and oil) or the single walled liner (for gas) can generally be introduced to the flue from the top of the chimney and threaded down to the fireplace, where it can be attached to the stove or appliance via a rigid steel flue pipe. This can be vitreous or stainless steel which can be painted to match the stove.

The inside-surface of the stainless steel flue liner resists the build-up of tar and soot deposits, making regular maintenance and cleaning easier. Stainless-steel systems give good results and are cheaper than pumice systems, however, they are not as long lasting or as robust, and do not have the same insulating qualities.

ISOKOAT® Pumice Chimney Liner Installation

In old chimneys the mortar joints Between the bricks or stonework fail.The mortar becomes porous, turns sandy and crumbles away. Then poisonous fumes, tars and Condensation can all leak out of the flue into the home. ISOKOAT is applied under pressure and forced into the cracks and fissures, sealing them, re-pointing the joints and strengthening the flue wall. Mineral fibre Reinforcement in the ISOKOAT ensures that the wet material will not pour or leak away through larger cracks, but will be forced into and fill and bridge them. The coating is built up usually using between 2 and four applications to provide a smooth, gas tight flue which will withstand the effects of flue gases for years to come. The flue is fully repaired and sealed with virtually no reduction in size; very important if the correct flue size is to be maintained for the appliance served by the chimney.